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Cardinal Elementary School

School Quality Profile 

Our Vision

Cardinal Elementary School strives to be a positive influence in the lives of all students through the power of learning. Through creative, innovative and avant-garde instructional practices, Cardinal Elementary School will rise above it all to become Richmond City Public Schools’ premier center of academic excellence.

Our Mission

Cardinal Elementary School will safeguard the emotional and intellectual well-being of all students by enhancing teaching and learning through the display of five cardinal aptitudes:

  • Love and care for self and others. 
  • Respect
  • Growth Mindset 
  • Innovative and Creative Thinking
  • Commitment and Accountability

Our History

Cardinal Elementary School opened its door to its community on September 1st, 2020. its name was chosen by students and community members. For several weeks, our students learned the importance of voting and having a voice. They conducted research and suggested names that represented the culture, values and goals of the school community. Students and teachers voted. Parents and community members joined in support of the students and staff selection during RPS school board meetings. After several weeks, the school board unanimously voted to rename Greene, and Cardinal was born. 

Our Motto

"Empowering Students through the Power of Learning."

Our Mascot

Cardinal Bird

Our Colors

Red and Gray